Placement Programs



Both independently and in conjunction with the Clark County Departent of Job and Family Services (CCDJFS), OIC administers several programs that help you connect with the workers that you need. These programs can also save you time and money.

OIC's Placement Programs:

Training, Evaluation and Mentoring (TEAM) Program is our flagship welfare-to-work program, developing the trained workers you need while reducing costs. TEAM fosters individuals' success and empowerment while encouraging transition from assisted to independent households.

Work Experience Program (WEP) Program provides skilled and unskilled (trainable)unsalaried labor to you with the goal of helping workers learn the type of work ethic employers expect, as well as learning specific job roles and skills.

High School Students Program (CEYA) provides entry-level workers who are young, energetic and highly trainable.

Re-Entry Program (OND) connects you with hard-working and stringently screened ex-offenders, mature and often skilled workers willing to work hard for (and give their loyalty to) an employer who will give them a chance at a new start.

SureHire Employment Services for fast and accurate recruitment.


Email or visit SureHire for questions about these and our other specialized placement services:

Targeted Recruiting

Testing and Interest Profiling Services

Interviewing and Screening Services

For more information about these services, contact SureHire's Placement Coordinator, Angela Maroney, by email or phone at 937-323-6464, or click on the links to the left for overviews of our placement programs.